Weight Loss Water Bottle

Do SlimCrystal Weight Loss Water Bottle Work?

Do Slim Crystal Weight Loss Water Bottle Really Work? The consumption of bottled water has been a crime in recent years Why? The increase in global warming and environmental pollution is the cause of fueled by fossil fuels.

It’s a surprise to discover that bottled water costs around 3000% more for a gallon than water from the tap. More than anything people have believed in the same myth throughout time, i.e. the belief that the water in bottles of plastic is cleaner than tap water. In reality, the tests are more thorough for the former than for the earlier.

If this weren’t enough, one group claims that water bottles are un-lifeless and do not “help our body function effectively.” In simple terms, the need for energy is to rejuvenate water with no life, which can be a burden. Do we have any other options left?  Our aims to find out precisely that and starts with introducing SLIMCRYSTAL

Do SlimCrystal Weight Loss Water Bottle Work?

What is the SLIM CRYSTAL Bottle?

Built on decades-old principles and practices used by crystal healers and crystal healing experts, the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle contains crystals that help make “slimming water”. If water is stored in this Bottle and later consumed, people can expect healthier weight loss, better digestion and improved energy levels. In the end, the purification process will lead to the purest water source to ensure long-term health and longevity.

How does it function?

The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle is based upon the method of changing water’s structure into one that has hexagonal clusters. This quality means that the water is unaffected by contamination or pollution through human activities. In addition, the water is considered healthier than tap water or filtered water. Methods for magnetizing water are vertexing it, exposing it to natural or UV light or storing it in gemstone water bottles SLIMCRYSTAL employs the second method that exposes water to crystals and gemstones.

Do SlimCrystal Weight Loss Water Bottle Work?

It is based upon Nine Ingredients


Amethyst stone has been believed to reduce stress, ease irritation, ease mood swings, and help to dispel negative emotions.

Clear Quartz

Some have believed the crystal clear quartz enhances the immune system and assists in helping to maintain equilibrium. Many believe that the stone to improve mental clarity is essential to making healthier choices in eating.


The Moonstone is sought-after for inner strength and growth. The manufacturer also believes that it will inspire individuals to achieve their goals.


Citrine is chosen for its potential to create positive energy. Indeed, many emotional healers depend on the stone to help treat depression.


Carnelian is a popular choice due to its capacity to boost energy level, enthusiasm, and metabolism. Women who have given SLIMCRYSTAL an attempt claim to have seen an immediate reduction in cellulite.


Another mineral with properties that boost metabolism is Sodalite. It can also help you make healthier choices about eating habits.

Red Agate

Then, we’ll have red agate, which is positioned to boost energy and the spirit of all people. Also known as “warrior’s stone”, infusing water with this stone can boost self-confidence, emotional stability, and security.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is trusted to help the circulatory system, cleanse the blood, and clear any obstructions in the liver or the bile. Other benefits SLIMCRYSTAL team members SLIMCRYSTAL team include heart-strengthening and recovery following transplant or bypass surgeries.

Green Aventurine

For a final touch, we are having benefit with our Green Aventurine stone. The stone is using because it could improve the physical body’s health and promote more human behavior.

Together, they are ready to:

  • The metabolic rate can be increase by up to 23%
  • Enhance energy levels and aid in natural weight loss
  • Eliminate cravings and hunger

Help support detoxification processes and maintain the body’s balance of hormones and organs.

Incredibly, SLIMCRYSTAL has been subjected to independent lab tests, where it was observed that the tap water in the Bottle had changed its molecular structures. It took approximately 10 to 14 mins to form it into the desired hexagonal shape. Other improvements reported include decreased acidity and an increase in oxygen content.

Do SlimCrystal Weight Loss Water Bottle Work?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle is  safe?

The company’s makers guarantee to ensure their SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles contain only crystals made from natural materials which are entirely safe for human consumption.  The bottles are manufacturing in an FDA-registered plant. Fulfilling all  GMP guidelines.

What are the effects of crystals on the water’s structure? when they are in the glass chamber?

Energy-rich crystals produce SLIMCRYSTAL. They are adding into the water. Based on the assertions, SLIMCRYSTAL can aid in weight loss and keep a healthy digestive system and energy levels. The product is good for all ages and gender.

How to use it?

Two to three bottles a day are good enough to use. max of three months or more.

What’s the flavor of SLIMCRYSTAL water?

The taste of SLIMCRYSTAL is similar to regular water, but with the slightest difference. The difference is due to the changes in water texture.

What’s the best method to clean the Bottle?

The base of the bottle are washable by hand with soap and water. The dishwasher is good for rest other items

Do the crystals include require recharging for your SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle to function?

These crystals are natural resource.

How can I properly handle this Bottle correctly?

The Bottle may appear fragile, but it’s not. The items are not to drop, frozen, cooked or microwaved.

What time will it be to arrive at SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle shipping?

It can take 5 to 14 business days to get SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle Orders.

Does it cover by a money-back assurance?

It has 60 das money-back guaranty.

Meet the Creator

The person who invented SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle is Michael Bishop, who was part of a research team studying Crystals’ properties. Since he struggled to lose weight and wanted to test his expertise on the line, he chose nine crystals based on their healing properties. He did experiment on himself  he start drinking water and after two weeks he lose 3 ponds without making any diet changes. In the following two weeks, he had lost another 4 pounds. After seeing the results on him and his own body, he decided to see whether the results could be replicable. So, he set up the test group, which included the weight of 212 overweight women and men older than 40. Half of the group consumed three liters of water daily, while the remaining portion drank only SLIMCRYSTAL-infused water.

Final Thoughts

The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle has its roots in the principle of transforming water’s hexagonal shape.  While one study about the effects of magnetized well-structured water has shown that it could reduce blood sugar levels and cause damage to DNA in the liver and blood, the study was insignificant, and the the results haven’t previously been verified in humans.





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