Fat Burner Supplement

Fat Burner Supplement

MetaboFix is Fat Burner Supplement that is a combination of polyphenols, metabolic fat burners, and digestive enzymes on the digestive system, the gut, immune function, and mitochondria production. The formula divide into three distinct blends. Below is a brief explanation of the ingredients that were added:


The Polyphenol Blend (2100mg)

Papaya, cherry, carrot, Aronia berry extract, green mango, mulberry fruit European black currant fruit beetroot, apple, cranberry extract, acai extract Strawberry, blueberry, grape skin extract concentrate, pomegranate blackberry, acerola, extracts of red raspberries and pineapple extract, orange grape, cantaloupe watermelon as well as lemon, hibiscus, and peach.

Polyphenols are natural chemicals that are found in a variety of fruit. The complete list of polyphenols contained in MetaboFix includes carrot, cherry, and papaya. The acerola fruit, the red raspberry extract, extract of pineapple cantaloupe, orange watermelon, hibiscus lemon, and peach. About two-thirds of each scoop of MetaboFix comprises the blend of polyphenols (2.1g from the 2.8g serving).

Fat Burner Supplement


The Metabolic Blend (465mg)

Shilajit extract, ginger root, and cinnamon bark extract White Tea extract from green Tea, Turmeric extracts from bitter melon extract, and extract of black pepper.

The second most significant component found in MetaboFix comes from the metabolic mix, which includes various extracts of Tea, fruits and mushroom extracts linked to weight loss.

The Digestive Blend (100mg)

Organic blue agave inulin and three billion CFU (at the time of production) comprised of B. infantis B. longum L. Rhhamnosus L. Reuteri HA-188 as well as L. acidophilus strains of probiotics.

Together, these components make a portion packed with 10 calories, from which 2 grams are carbohydrates and less than one gram of dietary fibers.

The third and final ingredient of MetaboFix includes the digestion blend, which contains many probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are a type of gut bacteria that aid in breaking down and digesting the food you consume. Prebiotics are substances such as fiber that help feed the good bacteria within your digestive tract. It is best to take both probiotics and prebiotics to ensure your gut is healthy.

However the ingredients mentioned above are abundant in minerals and vitamins.

Each portion of MetaboFix is a significant source of thiamin, the niacin vitamin, riboflavin folate, vitamin B6 biotin, vitamin B12 selenium, pantothenic acid and chrome.

The inventor of MetaboFix claims that it is the first product that combines these 26 ingredients, including the top thin polyphenols available. As a result if you take MetaboFix every day, you will be able to shed a substantial amount of weight over a short duration of time and only a small amount of fitness or diet requirements.



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