Mycosyn Pro fill with 11 ingredients and 16 minerals and vitamins. Mycosyn Pro makes you free from Fungus. For the sake of having a short and brief review, we’ll be looking at the 11 ingredients mentioned in the highly-acclaimed Mycosyn Pro review. We’ll be putting aside one or two pages to the mineral and vitamin contents found in the supplement. Still, we discovered something interesting during our thorough product analysis.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

Commonly abbreviated by its original name PABA This particular chemical helps reduce sunburn-related effects on the human skin. Particularly, PABA seems to be more effective in battling sunburn when it comes to its application to sweaty skin. In addition, PABA also approves to use by people who suffer from Peyronie disease. But, PABA has been added to this product to ease the skin’s hardening caused by an internal fungal infection. PABA is also used for other ailments such as eye infections, muscle inflammation, headaches, and arthritis. However, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support this claim.


The amino acid is found in Mycosyn Pro for two purposes. The first is to repair the foot’s nerves. At the same time, the other is the relief of anxiety and stress because of the individual’s experiences when suffering from a fungal infection. Due to this type of hormone-related influence on our bodies, it is possible to sleep soundly after obtaining adequate amounts of tyrosine within their bodies. Additionally, the addition of l-tyrosine may be use for patients suffering from the condition known as phenylketonuria. PKU is a condition that causes damage to the brain.


Currently, no scientifically proven research or study is available to confirm the benefits of horsetail within our bodies. However, certain cases have reported positive outcomes in urinary tract infections. Additionally, it’s claimed that horsetail extracts increase the capacity of your body to hold more fluids than they normally do and make it easier for the body to carry out its fundamental functions due to its hydration levels. Other than that, there aren’t enough research studies to back it up.

Bamboo Extract

It is widely used to make skin appear younger and healthier in comparison to the normal appearance Bamboo extracts have anti-aging properties that help to shield the skin, shield it, and encourage the process of regenerating your skin back to its original condition. Because fungal infections can severely dry and chap our skin during the process, applying a few bamboo extracts can provide the boost it requires to heal properly over the next few several days or months. In addition, the bamboo extract may aid in hair growth. The bamboo extract generally contains antioxidative properties that help shine on our exterior appearance.

Nettle Root

The nettle root derives from the stinging nets. Particularly, it’s rich in nutrients that function as a “vitamin or mineral bars” for those who already have it available to eat. Particularly the nettle root pack with antioxidants that protect and encourage the growth of cells over time. In addition, it could reduce the swelling of your wounds, making it much easier and quicker for the body to heal during the process. Sometimes, it can also help stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Additional studies have proven that nettle root may assist prostate cancer sufferers in reducing their discomfort.


The flower has been a component of Chinese traditional medicine since the beginning. However, scientists have found its effects to be insufficient for the basis of evidence. Peony, in particular, makes your skin appear younger due to improving its elasticity and decreasing wrinkles that appear on the skin. Additionally, peony can also treat the appearance of itchy and scaly skin conditions. Particularly there are numerous benefits peonies are believed to bring. Still, the majority of all is not enough when it comes to proof.


Also called the blue-green algae, Spirulina has proven to be extremely efficient in managing hypertension among individuals. In certain cases, it may also help reduce the blood sugar level, leading to quicker healing of our feet and limbs. Spirulina can also provide you with sufficient nutrients to help heal wounds faster and more effectively than normal. There are numerous other advantages that we cannot list in this article, and that’s why we encourage you to study.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto uses to treat men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia or overly large prostate. However, studies have shown that supplementing with saw palmetto to treat these conditions doesn’t significantly improve their overall condition. It is not clear why saw palmetto is present in Mycosyn Pro. Sure, they mentioned something in the promo video. However, science suggests that it is not the case. Maybe more research requires in this regard.


It’s also an ingredient found present in Mycosyn Pro as well. Glycine uses to treat those suffering from schizophrenia and with an increased risk of having a stroke. The answer is in a single benefit that requires more research the benefits of Glycine on the healing of leg ulcers. Because this is the most likely benefit, we can find fungal infections, so we’ve included it to see the reason behind this ingredient.


Alfalfa is mostly utilizing to treat high-risk cholesterol levels, urinary tract issues, and minor digestive problems like stomach upset. It also has the additional benefit of alfalfa’s ability to lower the blood sugar levels of an individual, which can help to increase the speed of our body’s regenerative process.


Like alfalfa, this ingredient also utilize to lower cholesterol levels. However, unlike alfalfa, barley can also provide our digestive tract with sufficient prebiotic fiber. Therefore, anyone who eats barley daily has a lower chance of colon or rectal cancer. But why it’s include barely in Mycosyn Pro? It’s because it improves blood sugar levels and aid in the recovery of our skin from ailments like boils and other similar conditions, including dry skin.

Mycosyn Pro Vitamins and Minerals

Then we get to the best part. Mycosyn Pro contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. When we say a lot, that’s 16 minerals and vitamins packed together in one supplement capsule in Mycosyn Pro. We aren’t worry about the vitamin or mineral content altogether. It’s normal for multivitamin supplements with many ingredients on their lists.

It is important to check for your intake of B vitamins that are higher than the daily amount recommended for Mycosyn Pro, but not that much when compared to the other nutrients.

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