Rock Hard


Rock Hard Formula makes sure that it is a healthy blend by not incorporating gluten, sugar, soy, and trans fat in its formulation. Instead, it focuses on identifying the most potent and healthy ingredients and combining the right amount. Cistanche is an ingredient added to increase sexual power and increase the performance of a course of sexual activity. he Shou Wu He Shou Wu is the principal ingredient included in Rock Hard Formula. It improves your sexual fertility, libido, and the amount of sperm you have. It also has anti-aging properties to help you to appear younger.

Tribulus Terrestris functions just like cistanche.

The Horny Goat Weed is a component that is considered to be one of the most effective and most powerful Aphrodisiacs. Goji Berry helps improve the circulation that circulates blood through the entire body. Nettle Root works to increase the levels of testosterone. Morinda Root enhances and amplifies your performance and strength during your intercourse.

Eucommia Bark helps to support the reproductive system.

All of these are the primary ingredients that makeup Rock Hard Formula. There are no added ingredients or harmful chemicals to the ingredients that could be harmful to your body. the manufacturer states that most Rock Hard ingredients are organic and powerful. The manufacturing process blends all extracts into an original formula to boost the 3,000mg of super extract herbs in dose and efficacy. The superfoods are:


The increase in libido with a proven track record of enhancing your erotic performance. It can treat a variety of sexual health issues, such as excessive ejaculation and low-quality semen. Cistanche repairs cells in the testis and can thus help treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it aids in testosterone production by activating the production of steroidogenic enzymes that aid in general sexual health. Additionally, it aids in transforming nitric oxide into molecules that boost blood flow, thereby supporting and sustaining erections.

He Shou Wu

is the natural remedy for aphrodisiacs which stimulates the adrenal glands to create sex hormones. Research suggests that it could restore the vitality and fertility of men by stimulating the production of high-quality semen in large quantities. Furthermore, the Chinese fix can help reduce anxiety and stress, aid in high-quality sleep, fight the baldness issue and boost longevity. Additionally, He Shou Wu can regulate blood sugar levels and help protect against heart problems.



Tribulus Terrestris

It is widely known to boost libido and size in males. It also helps to reduce inflammation and increase the levels of testosterone. Certain medical professionals suggest it for managing type 2 diabetes and decreasing the levels of blood cholesterol. Additionally, it may improve the health of your brain and strengthen the immune system.

Horrific Goat The weed

It can fight against premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it increases the flow of blood around the genitals and improves the quality of erections. It also combats enzymes that reduce t-levels and could boost your energy levels.

Nettle root

It is rich in minerals like iron and zinc, which inhibit hormones that decrease t-levels. Nettle Root is also an anti-inflammatory and can enhance your sexual experience.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry can increase testosterone levels, thus increasing sexual desire. It contains antioxidants that can boost the stamina and mood of its users. It also helps to combat erectile dysfunction and increase your performance and energy.


Salvia root

This herb increases the sperm count and fertility of males. It is also an all-natural aphrodisiac that enhances your sexual urge and allows you to remain in sexual bliss for a longer period. It can also help you hold your ejaculation for longer periods.

Moringa root

It is potent in stimulating the production of male hormones. In addition, it helps to regulate mood hormones, thus fighting mental problems that influence your sexuality.

Eucommia Bark

It works by increasing metabolism rates, which increases the levels of energy. In addition, it enhances sexual desire by stimulating testosterone production.

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