VivaSlim Ingredients


First VivaSlim Ingredients listed is African mango extract, L’ornithine, and L-carnitine. All found in different weight loss supplements.

VivaSlim does not provide individual dosages of ingredients upfront, which makes it hard to know the ingredients in its formula and how it functions.

However these active components are packed into a formula that includes the addition of 20% water. USP grade alcohol. Each bottle includes 120 portions (0.5mL each serving).

This is what Simple Promise explains the ingredients in VivaSlim and how they function:

VivaSlim Ingredients


VivaSlim Ingredients African Mango Extract

This African mango extract in VivaSlim is believed to aid in losing weight, lower cholesterol levels, and aid the control of diabetes, as per Simple Promise. The majority of the VivaSlim formula comprises African mango extract, so the formula is “African Mango Complex” on the label.

VivaSlim Ingredients L-Ornithine

L-ornithine believe to cleanse the body and assist you in maintaining your lean muscle mass. The more lean muscles you possess, the more the body’s natural metabolism burns fat. L-ornithine can be found in various weight loss pills and supplements for bodybuilding. As a result the amino acid is a key component that has an important part in protein synthesis and energy.


L-carnitine is a different amino acid, which is frequently pair with L-ornithine. As per Simple Promise, L-carnitine can be utilize for weight reduction and brain function. It is a key component in generating energy since it assists your body in using fat to generate energy.


The third of the five amino acids in VivaSlim is L-arginine is said to help reduce weight gain and waist circumference, as per Simple Promise.


The amino acid L-glutamine ranks as the 4th found in the VivaSlim. Like L-arginine, it believe to lead to “Significant weight loss and better insulin regulation” and other advantages. Simple Promise also claims that the L-glutamine in VivaSlim may affect immune health, intestinal health, and other benefits.


Beta-alanine is an ingredient that’s commonly know in supplementation for workouts. However this amino acid increases your body’s energy levels and the nutrients that it requires to build up lean muscles.


Herb extract grown across South America. However research has shown that maca may help improve metabolism, mood, energy, and cognitive performance, among other advantages. Many male supplements for health contain maca due to its supposed effects on libido and blood flow.


However niacin is a vitamin B that can reduce cholesterol and ease arthritis, increase brain function and decrease inflammation, according to the website Simple Promise.

Rhodiola Rosea

As a result Rhodiola Rosea use for centuries to help improve adaptogenic qualities. However certain studies have shown that Rhodiola Rosea aids your body’s capability to defend itself from mental and physical stress.

VivaSlim Ingredients Astragalus

However astragalus has been a popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicinal practices for a long time. As a result the extract of the herb is believe to boost immunity, combat aging, and have anti-inflammatory properties and other benefits.

VivaSlim Ingredients


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